Lan Zhou
Pulled Noodle

The Lan Zhou pulled noodle, now with over 160 years of history, was originally a special dish that the nomadic people of the northwest would serve to guests of high status. Lan Zhou's first beef-noodle house, "The Sun and Moon Inn", which was established in the early years of the Ching Dynasty, served only officials, gentry and wealthy merchants.

The Broth

The broth of the Lan Zhou pulled noodle is crystal clear and densely fragrant, with the clean whiter of radish, the red of chili oil, touches of fresh green garnish and a bold flavor of meat, without any odor of mutton. The guest selects whether the noodles are broad or narrow, thick or thin, and orders his/her assortment of condiments and greens, to achieve and unsurpassed delicacy.

Superior Delicacy

For this reason, Lan Zhou pulled noodles started to becom popular in all levels of society. At the same time, there was a concentrated effort to promote the noodles throughout all of China. So nowadays Lan Zhou pulled noodles have not only become a staple of the local diet, but are a superior delicacy enjoyed by young and old, in China and abroad.